Lafert Group

Technical innovation at the service of environmental sustainability

As integral components of complex equipment, frequently unseen externally, electric motors are evaluated on their level of quality in terms of physical performance and reliability as well as the increasingly relevant and current issue of energy efficiency.

To satisfy these testing demands, Lafert's capabilities are demonstrated in two essential roles:

The technical and organisational capacity to control directly the production of every motor component, from shaft lamination and flanges to the insulation: attention to detail that guarantees a customized product, adaptable to any non-standard design or specification, to satisfy precise application demands;

Commitment to protecting the environment through research and development oriented towards the combination of optimized performance, energy savings and maximum flexibility of both products and production processes.

Today, our solutions power the sustainable technology: motors with high functionality and low environmental impact targeted at the heart of systems requiring high efficiency and performance such as ventilation systems, pumps, lifts, lifting systems, industrial automation, packaging and more.